Coronavirus Update 13.03.2020

Coronavirus statement 12.03.2020
March 12, 2020
Quarter One 2020 Newsletter
April 22, 2020

Coronavirus update 13/03/2020.

As our engineers work in public areas, they are at a higher risk of catching/spreading the virus. With this in mind we have put the following preventative measures in place;

  • All team members have the facility to work from home and this should be utilised unless visiting a customer
  • When visiting a customer this should take place at opening times to try and complete the job and leave before it gets too busy
  • Engineers will carry and wear disposable gloves and protective clothing

We would like to assure everyone that, as far as we are aware no one has been exposed to the virus but as we share an office building with others, we feel these preventative measures are important.

Please continue to contact us on the normal number, which will be redirected to Sarah to answer. If you wish to speak to an engineer please email in the first instance and they will pick up the email and ring you back.

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