Laser Marking Solutions

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  • APF IDENTLase Automatic Laser Plate Feeder

    The laser plate marking system is the ideal solution for quick and easy name plates that are clear to read and extremely durable.

  • Datalogic Arex

    AREX is the ultra compact Pulsed Fiber Laser System addressed to Automotive and Electronics industry for Direct Part Marking and Label Marking on metal parts, plastic parts and components.

  • Datalogic EOX 30w

    EOX 30W offers high quality permanent marking on Wide range of organics materials (like wood) and it includes cardboard, ceramic, plastics and painted or anodized metal.

  • Datalogic V-Lase

    Vlase Series is a Laser Marking printer for Direct Part Marking on high reflectivity materials, heat sensitive
    parts and high stability thermoplastic components.