Laser Marking Systems

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  • APF IDENTLase Automatic Laser Plate Feeder

    APF Automatic Plate Feeder System

  • Cobra UV Laser

    The Identisys Cobra C02 is a cost-effective laser marker used for enhanced marking on conventional polymers and thermoset plastics.

  • Datalogic Arex

    AREX is the ultra compact Pulsed Fiber Laser System
    addressed to Automotive and Electronics industry for
    Direct Part Marking and Label Marking on metal parts,
    plastic parts and components.
    Available with 10W and 20W high performance fiber
    laser source, improved scan head, new rack design and
    advanced LIGHTER Software features, the new AREX
    increases performance in term of power, reliability,
    quick installation and setup, flexible programming and

  • Datalogic EOX 30w

    EOX 30W is the CO2 Laser for laser coding and marking applications. EOX 30W offers high quality permanent marking on Wide range of organics materials (like wood) and it includes cardboard, ceramic, plastics and
    painted or anodized metal. Combining excellent laser beam quality and advanced control unit, EOX
    30W is suitable for accurate Industrial Traceability

  • Datalogic V-Lase

    Vlase Series is a Solid State Laser Marking product Family dedicated to General Manufacturing, Electronics,
    Automotive and Aerospace industry for Direct Part Marking on high reflectivity materials, heat sensitive
    parts and high stability thermoplastic components.
    Based on a consolidated Solid State resonator architecture VLASE Series is available in a variety of different
    power levels and in three wavelengths to cover a wide range of application types and materials, even on hard-tomarks materials.

  • Raptor CO2 Laser

    Razor CO2 Laser
    The Identisys Razor is a compact, high precision CO2 laser marker optimised for marking specialised materials

  • Raptor Laser

    10Kw Raptor Fibre Laser
    The Identisys Raptor is a cost-effective laser marking system that offers all the benefits of fibre technology

  • S5000L Desktop Laser System

    Desktop plastic card laser solution
    Industrial Card Engraving System
    Meeting the growing demand for top security laser engraving technology,
    Matica gives you a reliable solution, engineered to provide the highest security
    available on the market, preventing counterfeiting, fraud and forgery.
    Matica laser engraving system delivers everything you’ve come up to expect
    from a high quality product: excellent precision, performance and reliability.