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April 18, 2016
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April 18, 2016
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Raptor CO2 Laser

Razor CO2 Laser
The Identisys Razor is a compact, high precision CO2 laser marker optimised for marking specialised materials


CO2 have different wavelengths to Fibre and YAG lasers and as such are ideal for marking organic and transparent materials. Cost efficient operation is achieved with virtually no consumables, low power consumption, a completely sealed laser source (minimising maintenance) and no external cooling requirements.

Suitable for:
Stainless Steel
Organic materials (eg: wood, paper, leather … etc)
Benefits include:
An outline laser pointer allows for quick, simple product alignment and zero mis-markings.
Compact designs that can be easily integrated into the smallest of environments.
“Plug and Play” technology with USB connectivity for quick and easy start-ups.
Intuitive, windows compatible software that can easily:
Import high resolution images
Create complex patterns, shapes, barcodes, 2D codes and alphanumeric text
Program x/y/z axis and rotary movements
Modular designs that allow you to integrate the same laser with many different enclosures, including:
Product handling (linear and rotary)
Vision Systems
Web feeds
As with all of our lasers, it is impossible to say whether it is the most suitable technology for your substrate without testing it. Send us your samples and we would be more than happy to test them free of charge.