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S5000L Desktop Laser System

Desktop plastic card laser solution
Industrial Card Engraving System
Meeting the growing demand for top security laser engraving technology,
Matica gives you a reliable solution, engineered to provide the highest security
available on the market, preventing counterfeiting, fraud and forgery.
Matica laser engraving system delivers everything you’ve come up to expect
from a high quality product: excellent precision, performance and reliability.

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Matica laser engraving system delivers everything you’ve come up to expect
from a high quality product: excellent precision, performance and reliability.
As a permanent, aesthetic and non-damaging solution used in document
personalisation, laser engraving has enhanced significantly the level of card
security. This professional process doesn’t allow information to be mechanically
or chemically removed without damaging the card’s surface and body, thereby
bringing an extremely effective tamper-resistant barrier. The Matica Laser Desktop
permits the issuance of a secure card in a decentralized industrial environment.
Providing additional security features such as user authentication and an
integrated card counter it makes the issuance process almost impossible for any
attempt of credential manipulation.
Thank to the many advantages arising from its robust and industrial design held
in a compact unit, it enables operation in a professional application environment.
This compact machine incorporates most of the S7000 characteristics. Among
many advantages users will avail of a continuous and precise power control with
low power consumption, the air cooling system and a high quality laser beam. The
S5000L simply stands out by its long term power & high thermal stability, as well
as air-thermostable fan cooling system. Moreover the TEC thermo–electric cooled
technology provides a constant temperature output. Laser source lifetime also
means low maintenance overhead with an average lifetime of over 20.000 hours
Matica Laser Engraving System benefits by the latest laser marking developments,
exploiting long life DPSS technology, operating within the infrared spectrum
(1064nm). High productivity per-hour and low TCO are guaranteed, while saving
the operative cost of consumables. The S5000L solution is ideally recommended
for a mass professional debit cards applications (using PVC laserable cards), secure
corporate cards (marking barcodes or logos), or secure government ID polycarbonate
cards where logos, alphanumeric characters and pictures are requested.
Its full digital control loop allows to tune and to optimise many parameters to
achieve high quality results. MaticardPro Software allows personalization of text,
barcodes, and pictures in any combination, any position and in any dimension on
the nearly entire card surface*.
* Less than 4% card surface is not available for personalization


Technical Specifications
Speed: depending on card type and printed layout
Card Handling
Input/output hopper capacity: 600 cards
Card format: ISO Std. CR80 – 0.50 – 0.80 mm
Card Personalization
• up to 1200 dpi on laserable cards (ideal for debit card applications)
and depending on job and speed desired.
• up to 2400 dpi on polycarbonate cards (ideal for ID card applications)
and depending on job and speed desired.
Magnetic stripe encoding: HiCo/LoCo – std. tracks 1, 2 & 3 (ISO/IEC 7811)
Front & rear engraving: integrated open-view flip-over
Single Contact Encoding Station
Single Contactless Encoding Station
Air Vacuum
Communication Interface
LAN Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (laser device connection)
USB (PC connection for SW application)
MaticardPro Windows-based software included
Diagnostic and setup software included
Other Specifications
L x W x H: 70 x 55 x 70 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Cooling: actively stabilized by ‘Thermo-Electric Cooling’
Electrical Requirements
Power supply: 100 to 240 VAC (+/- 10%); 50/60 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)
Operating temperature: 15 – 35°C (46 – 95°F)
Laser Specifications
Nominal power: 20 W
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Pulse repetition frequency: 0 – 100 kHz
Pulse stability (%): > 90 %
Beam quality factor M2: < 1,5 Lifetime MTBM: > 20.000 h
Beam expander: dynamic control of the fire spot
Power laser sensor: direct monitoring of diodes and optical power output