Metal Plate Embossers

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  • Matica C310 Dog Tag Embosser (discontinued) 1 left in stock

    The Matica C310 has been designed to allow the user to easily change from embossing regular Dog Tags to Medical Red Alert Tags. The removable loading hopper makes it easier to change the plate type and the simple automatic set-up takes care of the system and layout changes.

  • Matica C320 (discontinued)

    The C320 has been specifically designed to provide low/medium volume metal marking applications with an electronic solution where, until today, the only low-cost alternatives have been manual systems. The C320, while ideal for industrial applications that require lower processing speeds or as a back-up unit for larger systems, still offers the convenience of an automatic plate feeder mechanism and on-line capability.

  • Matica C410 (now available with Identiboss software)

    The C410 electronic embosser is the next generation of the well known C400. With speeds of up to 350 plates per hour, it is 45% faster than its predecessor. A new cover design allows easier operator access and it is ruggedly built to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Specifically engineered for heavy duty and continuous production, the C410 is a strong, reliable system ready to emboss plates and can handle a huge variety of sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses.