Plastic Card Embossers

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  • Matica S3500

    S3500 – Instant issuing solution

    Matica’s complete new state of the art Instant Issuing


    A new product with specific characteristics and options,

    compact footprint,

  • Matica S5000E

    The S5000E is dedicated for cost-conscious service bureaus & capable to print 400 cards per hour, ideal for card manufacturers and financial institutions for mid card issuance programs. Incorporating the Matica proprietary
    technologies, the system features reliability, flexibility and simplicity in a
    rugged construction, that have made Matica a highly qualified supplier to some of
    the largest card issuers world-wide.

  • Matica S5200E

    S5200E is a compact desktop embossing solution, capable to print 500 cards per hour, dedicated for mid-size issuance programs and distributed issuance programs. S5200E is designed to exceed the single shift duty cycle, while ensuring consistent performance and output quality, thanks to the modular combination of single and multiple encoding stations, embossing drums and tipping unit

  • S7000 system

    Flexible personalisation platform for mid to high volume card production, modular in design to provide the card technology that you currently require with speed, accuracy and reliability