Plastic Card Printers

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  • Matica MC310

    Designed to perfectly fit into any card issuance environment, the new Matica MC310 direct-to-card printer offers a superior print quality.

  • Matica S3200

    Matica S3200 is a desktop retransfer printer for financial card issuance. Capable of personalising up to 80 cards an hour, this easy-to-use printer was specially developed for instant financial card issuance.

  • Matica S5200G

    S5200G is a professional card printer specifically designed for high speed monochrome printing, with optional full color printing capabilities, making it easy and affordable to print photos, logos, barcodes or near edge-to-edge card designs.

  • Matica S6200GE

    Designed to meet the specific needs for mid-volume card issuance programs, the S6200GE is a unique pre-configured printing, embossing and tipping platform.

  • Matica S6200GG

    Dedicated for professional dual side high speed monochrome or colour printing, the S6000GG system makes it easy and affordable to print near edge-to-edge card designs, photos, logos, alphanumeric text or barcodes.

  • Matica S6200LX

    Designed for cost-conscious card personalization centers and financial institutions, the S6200LX is a pre-configured high performance personalization platform with laser engraving that ensures high quality card production.

  • Matica S7000 full system

    Flexible personalisation platform for mid to high volume card production, modular in design to provide the card technology that you currently require with speed, accuracy and reliability.

  • Matica XID8100

    The entry level Retransfer Printer XID8100 is the perfect solution for the regular day-to-day demand to personalize of all kind of ID Cards.

  • Matica XID8300

    With its compact size, the Matica XID8300 delivers the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable and secure cards.

  • Matica XID8600

    The XID8600 Printer is the high-end model of the proven 8000 series of Matica’s XID retransfer printers with an ultra high resolution of 600dpi in card printing quality.

  • Matica XID9600e

    Designed to last, the new XID9600e Series are the perfect solution for service bureaus offering high-performance card printing in addition to traditional direct-to-card personalisation.

  • Matica XL8300

    Matica´s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry.