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  • APF IDENTLase Automatic Laser Plate Feeder

    The laser plate marking system is the ideal solution for quick and easy name plates that are clear to read and extremely durable.

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  • Datalogic Arex

    AREX is the ultra compact Pulsed Fiber Laser System addressed to Automotive and Electronics industry for Direct Part Marking and Label Marking on metal parts, plastic parts and components.

  • Datalogic EOX 30w

    EOX 30W offers high quality permanent marking on Wide range of organics materials (like wood) and it includes cardboard, ceramic, plastics and painted or anodized metal.

  • Datalogic V-Lase

    Vlase Series is a Laser Marking printer for Direct Part Marking on high reflectivity materials, heat sensitive
    parts and high stability thermoplastic components.

  • IDP-secure ribbon shredder

    Making every day life easier and more secure, the new IDP secure ribbon shredder brings ultimate destruction to unwanted consumable data residue

  • Matica C330

    The C330 offers the advantages of an automatic plate together with robustness at a very competitive price.

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    Matica C430

    Specifically engineered for heavy duty and continuous production the C430 is a strong, reliable system and will readily emboss plates on a truly commercial scale, 200 plates/hours (40 characters per plate)

  • Matica LCP800

    The LCP8000 Laser Color Personalization System is ideal for high security corporate needs, as well as government applications such as national IDs and driver licenses.

  • Matica LCP9660

    Built for maximum reliability and security, the LCP9660 laser colour personalisation system is the ultimate one-pass solution

  • Matica LES800

    Matica’s advanced technology brings the unprecedented quality and power of industrial laser engraving to the desktop system.

  • Matica MC310

    Designed to perfectly fit into any card issuance environment, the new Matica MC310 direct-to-card printer offers a superior print quality.

  • Matica S3200

    Matica S3200 is a desktop retransfer printer for financial card issuance. Capable of personalising up to 80 cards an hour, this easy-to-use printer was specially developed for instant financial card issuance.

  • Matica S3300e

    The S3300e is a desktop embosser designed for securely producing financial cards, and is based upon Matica’s heavy-duty and reliable embossing technology used in their central issuance systems.

  • Matica S5200E

    S5200E is designed to exceed the single shift duty cycle, while ensuring consistent performance and output quality.

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